Association of Architects
of Georgia
არქიტექტორთა ასოციაცია


მემორანდუმი ურთიერთთანამშრომლობის შესახებ
სამედიცინო ცენტრს "მედკო" და „საქართველოს არქიტექტორთა ასოციაციას“ შორის

Association of Architects of Georgia of Architects of Georgia

In 2011 STYLE Magazine and Architectural Club Ltd established Association of Architects of Georgia of Architects of Georgia (Noncommercial (non-governmental) Legal the person).

Association of Architects of Georgia – a union of architects and designers – provides the professionals with an opportunity to discuss ongoing architectural and construction issues and news, projects and innovations introduced by their colleagues and to arrange presentations of new construction technologies, services and products offered by design or furniture companies.

Association of Architects of Georgia was established with the following goals:

  • To foster professional relationships;
  • To enable discussion and solving of different issues related to urban development, architecture and design;
  • To support professional activities of Association members;
  • To promote STYLE Magazine and diversify the range of its publications;
  • To ensure successful development of international competitions – such as Architectural Award – organized under the auspices of STYLE Magazine;
  • To provide Association members with an informal but presentable social environment.

Every year, STYLE organizes an international exhibition Architectural Award, covering such nominations as single-family residence, apartment block / residential complex, public construction, residential interior, public interior, reconstruction project, etc. (detailed information about this competition can be found at

In 2012, Association of Architects of Georgia, Architectural Club and STYLE Magazine jointly organized the first Georgia-based International Architecture Festival in conjunction with the already traditional international architectural competition Architectural Award 2012.

We hope you find the above noteworthy and look forward to your comments regarding cooperation opportunities.

Thank you very much in advance.

3 Berbuki street, 0171, Tbilisi, Georgia
Cell: +995 593 42 74 73

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Interview with Oliviero Godi was taken for Style magazine by Nikoloz Lekveishvili and Aleksi Javakhishvili